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We would like to announce the opening of I.P.C physiotherapy clin...
I.P.C Maadi New Branch
We would like to announce the opening of I.P.C physiotherapy clin...
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About us

I.P.C Physical Therapy is a Medical care Facility catering for Your physical therapy needs. we are a qualified team of medical practitioners working with the most up to date equipment to ensure you receive the most effective treatment

Our Highly Dedicated and internationally trained staff is committed to getting you back to your best, applying the latest techniques we will work with you in the clinic and teach you how to stay healthy in between visits.

The story and history of IPC started in NY where the clinic was first established. It was founded by Dr. Nader Adel Ibrahim after being granted his doctorate in physical therapy by the Steinhardt School of education at New York University.

IPC was reopened in Cairo in April 2005. Soon after then, the clinic gained much respect and acknowledgement from many doctors and patients.

This was due to our prime treatment: Manual therapy.

Both mental and medical aspects of the patient are well considered, provided by a restful place and a specialized medical team. What makes this unique is that we have all been carefully selected and trained.

We are all subjected to weekly seminars to increase our knowledge. This team is concerned with maintaining the quality of care delivered and is consistent throughout the sessions and with all our patients

All our patients receive the highest level quality of care.