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We would like to announce the opening of I.P.C physiotherapy clin...
I.P.C Maadi New Branch
We would like to announce the opening of I.P.C physiotherapy clin...
Basic Introductory I.P.C course
Training course...
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We are committed to providing excellent service for you, your comments are very important to use and will assist us in improving our medical future.

Please take a few moments to check the boxes that most appropriately describe your experience.
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I was able to communicate adequately with the specialist today
My privacy and confidentiality were respected and protected during the session
I was comfortable during the session
The waiting time was acceptable
The doctor asked questions to understand my condition
The doctor/staff provided me with helpful educational materials
My doctor explains fully what he/she will be doing
My doctor listens to everything I have to say
The nurses and staff are friendly
The staff handles my questions in an acceptable manner
I feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics with my doctor
The doctor and staff work together to provide me with quality care
I can get appointments easily
Is the partition convenient for you?
Is the cost suitable for you
Does the clinic have equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment?
Is the clinic cleanliness level is goo
Item Yes No
If the waiting time increases, do you get bored, or the waiting time is entertaining
Do you prefer the same doctor to treat you every time?
Do you prefer to do your exercises during your session time, or at home?
If asker to do exercises at home, will you do them?
Is the quality of care the same when Dr. Nader is not in the clinic?
Do you prefer the same sex to take care of you?
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