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We would like to announce the opening of I.P.C physiotherapy clin...
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We would like to announce the opening of I.P.C physiotherapy clin...
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Weight Management Clinic

In the last few decades, overweight & obesity has been recognized as a main risk factor causing various diseases & medical complications that affects general health that can sometimes lead to death. Global recognition towards obesity have increased due to its high morbity values.

Here in IPC we offer a complete obesity program that is designed for each individual based on his general health status, life style & eating habits.

This program consists of:

  • Complete evaluation & assessment of body weight, body mass index, waist to hip ratio (WHR), total body fat percentage, special health habits & nutrient are some of our evaluative processes.
  • Then our program is designed to fit each individual based on our findings including changing habits & life style, appropriate diets are recommended & are frequently changed each week to meet healthy nutriential demands.
  • As for regional fat as abdominal love handles, when diet & exercise has no effect, saddle bags of hips & arms; injection lipolysis is the ultimate solution ; where natural materials are injected in those areas to lipolyse fat & re-distribte it all over the body within 8 weeks.