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We would like to announce the opening of I.P.C physiotherapy clin...
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We would like to announce the opening of I.P.C physiotherapy clin...
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welcome to I.P.C

I.P.C Therapy is a medical care facility catering for your physical therapy needs. We are a qualified team of medical practitioners working with the most up to date equipment to ensure you receive the most effective treatment. Our highly dedicated and internationally trained staff is committed getting you back to your best, applying the latest techniques we will work with you in the clinic and teach you how to stay healthy in between visits. The story and history of IPC started in NY where the clinic was first established. It was founded by Dr. Nader Adel Ibrahim after being granted his doctorate in physical therapy by the Steinhardt School of Education at New York University.

Ergonomics course

Is ergonomics worth the investment?

Are you looking to reduce worker’s compensation and health care costs for your company?

Injuries resulting from musculoskeletal disorders, such as muscle strains, sprains and repetitive motion disorders, can be an ongoing pain for both you and your workers.

The benefits of an ergonomics program are far-reaching and can make a difference for everyone in your organization, including office personnel, drivers, construction workers and manufacturing employees.

How business benefits from ergonomics?

Here are five of the proven benefits of a strong workplace ergonomics process:

1. Ergonomics reduces costs. By systematically reducing ergonomic risk factors, you can prevent costly MSDs. With approximately $1 out of every $3 in workers compensation costs attributed to MSDs, this represents an opportunity for significant cost savings. Also, don’t forget that indirect costs can be up to twenty times the direct cost of an injury.

2. Ergonomics improves productivity. The best ergonomic solutions will often improve productivity. By designing a job to allow for good posture, less exertion, fewer motions and better heights and reaches, the workstation becomes more efficient.

3. Ergonomics improves quality. Poor ergonomics leads to frustrated and fatigued workers that don’t do their best work. When the job task is too physically taxing on the worker, they may not perform their job like they were trained.

4. Ergonomics improves employee engagement. If an employee does not experience fatigue and discomfort during their workday, it can reduce turnover, decrease absenteeism, improve morale and increase employee involvement.

5. Ergonomics creates a better safety culture. Ergonomics shows your company’s commitment to safety and health as a core value. The cumulative effect of the previous four benefits of ergonomics is a stronger safety culture for your company.

I.P.C physiotherapy clinic offers a catered training course on office and computer ergonomics where the definition of ergonomics, different types of risk factors, and methods of minimizing risks using work practice controls are discussed.

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