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Posture is the ability to maintain your spine in a neutral healthy position and to be able to move in correct body mechanics. Good posture means being able to put your joints, muscles and ligaments in a properly aligned position. This will properly distribute load on areas prepared to carry this load.

Because of the economical and political stresses of our world work time, obesity, mental and physical stress has increased dramatically. All these factors affect our posture in a negative way and are the beginning of physical problems. By maintaining a correct well aligned posture you can save your self so many problems and prevent current and future pains.

Incorrect posture may be the beginning of orthopedic problems that are related to load, for example lumber (lower back) and Dorsal (upper and middle back) cervical (neck) spondylosis and discal lesions, knee and hip arthritis, Wrist carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and several other physical problems

Let’s go through the different positions that we maintain during our day to day life and demonstrate the correct and incorrect posture.




-breast feeding

-On computer. Laptop and desktop



After reviewing the correct postures know its your turn to maintain these positions. I know it’s difficult especially if you have been maintaining an incorrect one for years. Here are a few tips that will help you change your life style.

  1. Start your day by taking a few deep breaths and make sure you remember the correct posture.
  2. Go through postural exercises and stretches that you may refer to in ………………..
  3. Put your self in good exercise regimen. Yoga is a very good for your posture.
  4. Try to break your sitting time every 30 minutes by walking around your desk once or twice.
  5. Make sure your bed has a firm mattress and a well ergonomic pillow.
  6. Your desk chair should be ergonomically correct as explained above.
  7. You may also use a wrist support for your mouse to maintain wrist extension during working.
  8. A lumber support in your car would be useful if you drive for long periods of time.
  9. Put posters of how to sit on your desk and computer.
  10. Make sure to maintain a proper weight according to your body mass index.
  11. Quit smoking and let that phone down for a while.

Good luck with all these tips. Make sure to call us if you have any questions. Thank you.

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