IPC Physical Therapy Center - Back exercises/Crossed knees to chest


Back exercises

Crossed knees to chest

crossed knees to chest


-To strengthen the lower part of the abdominal muscles.


-The patient position is lying on his/her back while bending both knees.
-Now cross your knees so that one knee is rested on the other one.
-Move your lower extremities up toward your chest.
-You may use your arms to get more range.
-Your doctor may ask you to change the angle between your thigh and your leg (this exercise gets more difficult when you increase this angle), and may
ask you to hold this position for 5 seconds and then relax.


-Do not do the exercises unless advised by your doctor.
-Repetitions of each exercise depend on your tolerance and condition, usually between 30-50 times.
-If you feel any pain while doing the exercises stop and ask your doctor.

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