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Complete Decongestive Therapy For Lymphedema
Complete Decongestive Therapy For Lymphedema

Complete Decongestive Therapy For Lymphedema

omplete Decongestive Therapy For Lymphedema:

Lymphedema ia accumulation of protein rich fluid in the interstitum due to a low volume insufficiency of the lymphatic system.

It is a progressive chronic disease. It affects any part of the body, but more frequently the limbs.

If left untreated it can become disabling and at the very worst can become sarcomata's (cancerous).

Lymphedema incidence worldwide:

-Parasites:               90 million

-Breast cancer:         20 million

-Primary:                 2-3 million

                    (WHO Technical report, 1984)

49 % of breast cancer survivors developed lymphedema.

13 % severe lymphedema.

17 % Moderate lymphedema.

Lymphedema is treated by:

1- Surgery?
                 Research implies low benefit.

                    Results are not very satisfactory.

3-Pneumatic compression pump?
                                               Satisfactory results.

4-Complete decongestive therapy? 
                                                 Very successful and maximum results.

Complete decongestive therapy is composed of:

1- Manual lymph drainage (MLD):

A soothing technique that transfers fluid from swollen congestive areas to the nearest healthy lymph nodes for filtration and drainage.


To maintain the decongestion obtained by MLD.


To increase pumping action and increase lymphatic flow.

4-Skin care:

To prevent skin break down and to promote healing of exeisting wounds.

We also treat the following conditions:

-All edemas in general.

-Diabetic foot.

-Pressure ulcers.

-Venous and arterial ulcers.

-Non healing wounds.


The patient goes through a series of intensive therapy for a period of 2 to 4 weeks, according to the severity of the case.

The earlier the patient is seen the better are the results of treatment.
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