IPC Physical Therapy Center - Shoulder exercises/Internal rotation assisted by a towel

Shoulder exercises

Internal rotation assisted by a towel


Internal rotation assisted by a towel:


- To increase the shoulder flexibility and to increase the internal rotators ROM.

-Target muscles : Infraspinatus , Teres minor , Posterior fibers deltoid.


- Roll a towel and grasp one end , reaching behind head so the towel hangs down to the lower back .

- Reach behind back with opposite hand and grasp the other end of the towel

- Slowly extend arm above head as the opposite hand behind back is simultaneously pulled upward .

- Hold 20 seconds and return slowly to starting position.


-Don't exercise unless adviced by your doctor.
-Repetition of this exercise depend on your condition and tolerance.
-If you feel any pain while doing this exercise stop and ask your doctor.

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