IPC Physical Therapy Center - Ball exercises/Ball Cervical and thoracic advanced stabilization exercises

Ball exercises

Ball Cervical and thoracic advanced stabilization exercises


                                Purpose: cervical and upper thoracic stabilization

                                Mechanism : Sitting on a large gym ball .

                                                       Walking the feet forward so the ball rolls up with the back and the thorax is resting on the ball .

                                                       The head and neck are maintained in neutral position, and the cervical flexors are emphasized.

                                                       Then walk the ball farther, so it is under the head.

                                                       The extensors are now emphasized. 

                                                       The patient walks the feet forward and backward.





-Do not do the exercises unless advised by your doctor.

-Repetitions of each exercise depend on your tolerance and condition, usually between 30-50 times.

-If you feel any pain while doing the exercises stop and ask your doctor.

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