IPC Physical Therapy Center - Cairo, Egypt


    I.P.C Therapy is a medical care facility catering for your physical therapy needs. We are a qualified team of medical practitioners working with the most up to date equipment to ensure you receive the most effective treatment. Our highly dedicated and internationally trained staff is committed getting you back to your best. Applying the latest techniques we will work with you in the clinic and teach you how to stay healthy. The story and history of IPC started in NY where the clinic was first established. Our founder Dr. Nader Adel Ibrahim was granted his doctorate in physical therapy by the Steinhardt School of Education at New York University. We currently have several locations across Egypt, and quality of care is our priority.

  • Our Values

    Team work:

    We foster an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, openness and cooperation. 


    We are committed to work in an environment that encourages new ideas and creativity.

    Service excellence:

    We are committed to our standards of service excellence and dedicated to exceeding the expectations of those we serve.


    Honest and open communication with patients and among staff. The only thing that drives IPC is patient care and well being.


    We are committed to our goals to move healthcare forward.


    We listen and act by putting the needs of the patient first.


    Through education and research, we deliver very high quality of health care services.


    By being considerate, attentive, accepting, appreciative and encouraging.


    High quality service should not be expensive, it should be affordable and for everyone.

  • Our Mission

    Is providing the best quality of care possible on evidence based means. Also create a healthy community  through accessibility, affordability, compassion and professionalism.

  • Our Vision

    To continue improving the quality of care in all physical therapy services in Egypt.To make health care more convenient, coordinate and comprehensive.To have unified service based on efficiency, professionalism, evidence based and effectiveness.

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